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About SANko​rean Kitchen

At SANkorean kitchen, we are enthusiastic about delicious and nutritious foods!

SANkorean kitchen was founded by Monica Chang who had a vision to share her favorite memories of the foods she grew up eating. She is a native of Gwangju, Korea- the region famous for it's kimchi and home to the annual World Kimchi Festival. Entrusted with the family's recipes which have been passed down and perfected through the generations, Monica uses her extensive experience as a restaurant owner, yoga instructor & thai yoga message therapist to bring you the best foods Korea has to offer.

SANkorean kitchen products are perfect for anyone who is looking to live a health-conscious lifestyle that is high in fibre, probiotic and gluten-free without compromising in taste. Our company uses locally grown produce and is committed to bring you the best authentic Korean flavors without sacrificing on any health benefits . It's just like mom made it!

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